Aluminium Forearms Support Quad Canes & Crutches (104*Hi-4080)


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The crutch with forearm support can be adjusted in height and can be used with both the left and the right hand. It has a rubber shock absorber, very effective against slipping and noise. Due to its shape, angles and dimensions, it offers safety and comfort to the user.

This product is a simple, easy-to-use medical device that provides balance and support when moving people with lower limb injuries. The crutch with support on the forearm is also indicated for patients who have had surgery on one of the lower limbs, which is why they cannot leave their body weight on that leg.

Crutch features with forearm support and adjustable height: The crutch with support on the forearm has a body made of anodized duralumin. The forearm support and palm handle are made of injected polypropylene. The cradle supports a weight of 130 kg.

Forearm crutches:  medical devices used in postoperative, post-traumatic, plaster immobilization cases, to unload the weight of an injured lower limb. The use of crutches  requires strength in the arms, elasticity and balance, offers more safety when moving in relation to the orthopedic cane. A single crutch with support on the forearm may be used, with the opposite hand to the affected lower limb provided that it can be supported on the floor. Otherwise, two crutches with simultaneous forearm support must be used . Forearm crutches are used in the case of a single affected lower limb. For their correct use, the crutches must be adjusted in correlation with the height of the user.    

Walking: Bend down a little and place the crutches about a step in front of you. Start by taking the first step as if you were going to use the affected leg, but transfer the weight to the crutches and not to the problem leg. The body will advance forward through the crutches. Then walk normally on a healthy foot. When your normal foot touches the ground, prepare for the next step by placing the crutches one step ahead of you again. And so the cycle resumes.

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